Brooke is a talented senior UI/UX designer with a focus on visual design and branding. She is a self-starter who thrives in a collaborative environment. Against the stereotype that she paints pretty boxes—she is a firm believer in conceptual idea-driven design. With over 6 years of experience in her field, she has the proven know-how to shape products and experiences. After joining the team at nclud, she concentrated her efforts on interaction design, rapid prototyping, and front-end web development. Always hungry to learn, she enrolled in many workshops and courses to improve her skills over the years. Her most notable accomplishment entails rebranding the provocative creative agency, "nclud" with the design team. Read her take on the process here. 



Brooke holds a bachelor of fine arts degree with a concentration of graphic design from James Madison University. She has completed the Front-End Web Development Course from General Assembly, and recently graduated from the User Experience Course held in the fall of 2015. Currently on her second year of employment at the, "Provocative Creative Agency" nclud in D.C. Get the rest of her story on LinkedIn or view her résumé here. You can explore her early work on her old site hollabawho.com.


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