Carnegie Institution for Science


Carnegie approached nclud's design team with the following goals: increase donations, responsive design, onboarding millenials into the scientific world, clearly communicate it's mission, expand the scientific department's reach and make the entire experience feel more human with better photography and content. The barriers we faced were very prominent in the current site. It was cluttered, confusing and lacked any prioritization of content. It had a dated interface and was not accessible via mobile. 

The creative process began with moodboarding shown below:


In the end we created a more approachable scientific atmosphere. The vibrant colors help attract a younger audience, while the Carnegie brand colors help keep its professionalism and history. Bold shapes and unique colors for each unique department stand out with custom iconography to draw your eye down the page. The icon set created helps give the user a visual cue about which story they are reading and how they can relate to it. And finally, a modular layout was created so the content blocks could be repeated infinitely down the page.

Take a tour through my prototype by watching this short clip: