Censeo Consulting Group came to nclud admittedly knowing their website had a dated look and feel. With a new office space underway and a heard of fresh faces joing the team, CEO Raj Sharma knew it was time for a face lift. The main goals he looked for our team to solve included highlighting their most important case studies, reaching all Censeo's professional audiences, ramping up interest in careers, responsive design, a user friendly cms, and updating their current look to match their new voice in the industry in a fresh new way.

We presented them with two initial moodboard concepts to drive creative direction, below:


In the coming months, the results of the seo side of this project will be very telling, but overall the team and the client both concede that the project was a great success. With an easy to use cms established, and a timeless interface with more engaging photography and humanistic typography it is bound to connect with it's target audiences. The redesign of the case study pages was by far one of the most important achievements in aiding in Censeo's ability to spread it's mission to the public.

Take a tour of the site via this short clip:

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