Custom Ink approached nclud with the task of rethinking and redesigning their online t-shirt builder with a focus on mobile. We put together a small team and joined Custom Ink in their office for three months of research, brainstorming, sketching, and prototyping. Our collaboration resulted in a massive outpouring of ideas and prototypes that inform the build of the new experience. 

Below are a few examples of sketches and prototypes during the collaboration phase:


At the end of the three months we passed along our final research, design and prototypes to the CustomInk team. Over the next few years the team is planning on collaborating with their stakeholders to launch a new t-shirt design builder. We had proposed a desktop experience, a condensed mobile experience, as well as future KPI's for the design team to follow.

Shown below are the final hi-fi wireframes for the mobile t-shirt design experience: