Since 1993, DOOM has been a force to be reckoned with in the gaming world. Many gamers reminisce playing older versions of the game, and it's certaintly left its mark on history with it's high-powered action, weapons and demons straight from your nightmares. The upcoming version of the game will be a reboot of the original DOOM series that was widely considered to be one of the pioneers in first-person shooter games.

The publisher of the title, Bethesda Softworks brought nclud onto the team to design a landing page for the open beta to show off all the chaos of DOOM. The goal was to draw the user through the site, as if they were descending into hell: enter with a dark and mysterious shot of the setting drawing them into the world, before bringing in the demons, blood, and hyperviolence that their audience would recognize. 

Our biggest challenge to overcome was the outlined design and user experience problems with the current experience. Many of the publisher's product landing pages lacked strong branding, navigation and enough excitement to generate the traffic to their ultimate goal of achieving more pre-orders. My focus on this project entailed assisting in completing a visual and aesthetic audit of competitors, and the current site. I also helped lead a focused moodboard session, outlining the visual motifs the team noticed throughout the audit. This also helped drive art direction once we entered the design phase.


The final product incorporated screenshots, gameplay videos, and the latest news and social media into a fully responsive design. The page served not only to show off the upcoming beta, but also the DOOM experience as a whole. With almost two million visitors in the three weeks between launch and the beta start date, an average of over a minute spent on page per user, and 77% of game preorders originating on the beta page, the project outperformed every pre-launch goal and metric.

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