Habitat for Humanity came to nclud with the vision to show the world that everyone could have access to land for shelter. They wanted to represent this in a new digital experience for their target audience(s): college campuses, policy advocates, coalition partners and the public. Their mission was to establish the campaign, "Solid Ground" to change land policy and systems to ensure that more people around the globe could have a decent home. The perception of policy is often associated with boredom, which led to the challenge of emphasizing the human story. Often these experiences are bloated and frustrating, which is why Habitat for Humanity sought to work with nclud to establish and improve the design and user experience.

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In the end we successfully designed an experience for Habitat that would help users relate to the content emotionally and understand the problem. By using engaging photography, bright color, subtle texture, and clean typography throughout the design we sought to have a strong impact on our audience. The biggest measures of success over time would be to improve global access to housing, increase donations, social engagement and have a greater impact on policy. 

Take a tour through my prototype by watching this short clip: