Online dating in today’s society still feels cold and impersonal. Features of current dating apps create feelings of distrust, anxiety, and stress. The added pressure of making a romantic connection immediately often leads to abandonment of these apps, bad dates and a lack of any meaningful connections. This adds stress to single individuals who just want a genuine way to meet new people.

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PlayDate is an app where you can find a connection with someone without the pressure of jumping right into romance, unless you want too. With light hearted messaging, and a suggestion of fun dates and activities; PlayDate helps you set the pace. The main goal of PlayDate is to help remove the stigma and pressure of instant romantic dating and increase the number of meaningful connections for single individuals based on their specific needs and create a fun, light-hearted experience, that keeps users from being stuck in the messaging conundrum and engages them in face-to-face dates and activities with other users.

View an example of the product user flow below: