Townsquare Media


Townsquare Media is a media, entertainment, and digital marketing company that is focused on live events. They discovered nclud on a web awards website in hopes that our team could bring them a functional, interactive and renovated experience of their current franchise for many of the biggest country music festivals in the country. A total of 7 festivals were in dire need of a redesign. Our team needed to develop a modular system that could be reused on any festival and expanded if any new concerts were added to the TSL roster. My task was to tackle three of the upcoming festivals, Crude Fest, Taste of Country, and Country on the River.

It began with a series of moodboarding sessions with the client:


The team successfully completed the design phase of the festivals and now we are working collaboratively with the development team to design the backend functonality of each module, while working closely with the client. We tackled social integration, modular design, and showcasing the unique branding of each festival throughout each design.

Take a tour through one of the prototype's (Country on the River) through this short clip: